Buy Analytics for SmartFoxServer 2X


The Analytics addon for SmartFoxServer 2X comes with two different licensing modalities: Perpetual and Monthly.

  • The Perpetual license is everlasting and require a one time fee. This can be activated on an existing SmartFoxServer 2X perpetual license and unlocks the full Analytics features.
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  • The Monthly license can be activated on an existing SmartFoxServer 2X elastic license to unlock the full Analytics features. It has a fixed cost which is subtracted from the main license's credit on a monthly basis.
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Both Analytics licenses have the following characteristics:

  • no hidden costs
  • free software updates
  • one month direct email support
  • perpetual support via online support forums

Perpetual license

The Analytics perpetual license has the following additional characteristics:

  • never expires
  • one time fee

The Analytics license is activated on an existing SmartFoxServer 2X perpetual license. If you have multiple licenses of SmartFoxServer 2X and you want to activate Analytics on each of them, you have to purchase a corresponding number of Analytics licenses.

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Monthly license

The Analytics license can be activated when buying a new SmartFoxServer 2X elastic license. The price is 25€ per month, charged on the day of activation and every 30 days from that moment on.

Please use the SmartFoxServer 2X elastic license configurator to buy Analytics together with SmartFoxServer 2X.

Analytics can also be activated on existing SmartFoxServer 2X elastic licenses. Please login in your Licenses Management web interface and edit the license configuration.