Release notes

SmartFoxServer 2X
Flash AS3 API

Version 1.7.10 [Feb 5th, 2020]
[FIX] MMORoom not receiving an update when a player disconnects, if the player is simultaneously joined one or more regular Room(s).

Version 1.7.9 [Nov 12th, 2018]
[FIX] Room state inconsistency in case of Group subscribe/unsubscribe under a specific condition.

Version 1.7.8 [Sep 28th, 2018]
[NEW] Added support for BlueBox traffic over HTTPS. Mainly for developers targeting iOS from AIR.
[FIX] Issue with reconnection after an I/O error is detected.

Version 1.7.7 [Mar 31st, 2018]
[FIX] Issue with HRC+ system on an encrypted connection.

Version 1.7.6 [Jan 18th, 2018]
(internal release version only)

Version 1.7.5 [Feb 7th, 2017]
[FIX] Crashes on disconnection in Android using DatagramSocket.

Version 1.7.4 [Nov 8th, 2016] (new features require SFS2X v2.12 or later)
[NEW] Added new JoinRoomInvitationRequest class.
[NEW] Added new SFSDataType.TEXT allowing “long text” to be sent and received, up to 2 GBytes.
[NEW] Added support for 'private' User Variables, visible to their owner only.
[FIX] Added "room" parameter to EXTENSION_RESPONSE event, to make it uniform with other Room-related events; the previous "sourceRoom" parameter is still available but deprecated.
[FIX] Removed client side permission checks for kick and ban requests.
[FIX] Return updated Buddy object data when a buddy is un-blocked.

Version 1.6.0 [May 20th, 2015] (new features require SFS2X v2.10 or later)
[NEW] Support for TLS encrypted protocol over TCP/UDP added.
[NEW] Added new ConfigData.httpsPort for the initialization of the encrypted protocol.
[FIX] Fixed internal user reference count leak in GlobalUserManager.
[FIX] Calling socket.close() on an already close socket, causes an uncaught exception in iOS.
[FIX] Bug in SFSBuddyEvent class (clone method was returning a SFSEvent instead of a SFSBuddyEvent).
[CHG] Unified version number: starting at 1.6.0, the major and minor release identify the "feature support level", the sub version indicates the platform specific release number.

Version 1.2.5
[NEW] useFloatCoordinates field added to Vec3D class.
[NEW] Added SmartFox.httpUploadURI getter for HTTP-based file uploads to server.
[FIX] Added missing parameter in PROXIMITY_LIST_UPDATE event.
[FIX] Logger class has been refactored, converting it from singleton to regular class. In order to get a reference to the API internal logger use the SmartFox.logger property.

Version 1.2.0
[NEW] MMO API added, providing several new classes and functionalities for large and extra large virtual worlds and games (see SmartFoxServer 2X v2.8.0 release notes).
[FIX] Room.isJoined property not matching current state in results of FindRoom request.
[FIX] SmartFox.connectWithConfig method not validating and processing parameters.
[FIX] BuddyListManager returning an error in loading the buddy list after Zone logout an re-login.

Version 1.1.7
[NEW] SmartFox.setClientDetails method added to be used in conjunction with AdminTool's Analytics module (see SFS2X v2.7 release).
[NEW] Added PasswordUtil class for pre-hashed password login (see SFS2X v2.7 release).
[NEW] SmartFox.connectWithConfig method added to pass full connection settings via code in alternative to loading external config xml file.

Version 1.1.6
[FIX] Issue with Room Variables as discussed here:

Version 1.1.5
[NEW] HRC+, improved version of the High Resilience Connection system, allows longer reconnection times improving connection stability.
[FIX] BlueBox pollingSpeed parameter not handled.
[FIX] Wrong RoomProperties var names for maxUsers and maxSpectators parameters.

Version 1.1.1
[FIX] User count inconsistency in game rooms.
[FIX] Bug in Logger event dispatching.
[FIX] Problem with LoggerEvent names casing.
[FIX] Minor change in the BlueBox handling of Security Errors.
[FIX] Some minor code polishing.

Version 1.0.3
[FIX] Issue with lagMonitor causing NRE when logging out.