Release notes

SmartFoxServer 2X
HTML5 JavaScript API with binary protocol

Version 1.8.1 [Jul 20th, 2023]
[FIX] Under certain circumstances, cached User Variables are not synchronized correctly when a user that was already "seen" before, is met again in a different Room.

Version 1.8.0 [May 25th, 2023]
[NEW] Added support for SmartFoxServer Cluster in Overcast (see
[NEW] Added method SmartFox.killConnection(), to interrupt the connection to the server abruptly (useful for testing purposes).

Version 1.7.20 [Dec 22nd, 2022]
[FIX] Corner-case issue when setting RoomVariables in an MMORoom with multiple joined Rooms.

Version 1.7.19 [Mar 25th, 2022]
[NEW] Added support for new QuickJoinOrCreateRoomRequest.

Version 1.7.18 [June 8th, 2021]
[NEW] PasswordUtil helper class added to generate pre-hashed passwords (see Sign Up Assistant documentation).

Version 1.7.17 [Mar 23rd, 2020]
[FIX] The declaration of a library used internally causes an error when strict mode is used.
[FIX] TypeScript declarations file causes "Cannot find class" errors under certain development environments.

Version 1.7.16 [Feb 5th, 2020]
[FIX] MMORoom not receiving an update when a player disconnects, if the player is simultaneously joined one or more regular Room(s).

Version 1.7.15 [August 28th, 2019]
[NEW] Experimental TypeScript declarations file included, to improve intellisense in IDEs like Visual Studio Code.
[FIX] Corner case causing a property to be read on an undefined object.

Version 1.7.14 [December 24th, 2018]

Version 1.7.13 [November 12th, 2018]
[FIX] Room state inconsistency in case of Group subscribe/unsubscribe under a specific condition.

Version 1.7.12 [October 10th, 2018]
[CHG] Modified behavior of SFSObject.putByteArray() and SFSArray.addByteArray(); now both methods require a Uint8Array to be passed as value parameter, instead of an array of integers.
[CHG] Modified behavior of SFSObject.getByteArray() and SFSArray.getByteArray(); now both methods return a Uint8Array, instead of an array of integers.

Version 1.7.11 [May 17th, 2018]
[FIX] Compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11.

Version 1.7.10 [Apr 10th, 2018]
[NEW] API package building process updated for better compatibility with module bundlers and reduced file size (-41%).
[NEW] Source map file provided, to help locate and debug issues in case of errors originating in the API package.
[FIX] Issue preventing language translation of error in SFSErrorCodes class.

Version 1.7.9 [Mar 29th, 2018]
[FIX] MMOItems incorrectly removed from MMORooms, causing a memory leak.

Version 1.7.8 [Mar 26th, 2018]
[FIX] UnsubscribeRoomGroup request: failed removal of Rooms from the Room Manager.
[FIX] ObjectMessage request: empty recipients list provided in the related event.
[FIX] Buddy List's GoOnline request: failed clean up of the Buddies’ volatile Buddy Variables.

Version 1.7.7 [Mar 8th, 2018]
[FIX] Issue with Webpack bundler.

Version 1.7.6 [Aug 23rd, 2017]
[NEW] SFSObject.containsKey() and SFSArray.contains() methods added.
[NEW] SFSObject.isNull() and SFSArray.isNull() methods added.

Version 1.7.5 [Jun 19th, 2017]
[FIX] Encoding issue with UTF8 strings.

Version 1.7.4 [Jun 12th, 2017]
[FIX] Compatibility issue with AngularJS and other frameworks.

Version 1.7.3 [May 16th, 2017]
[NEW] Implemented debug messages dispatching as events, for environments where JavaScript console is not available. See LoggerEvent class.

Version 1.7.2 [May 4th, 2017]
[FIX] Compatibility issues with Internet Explorer.

Version 1.7.1 [May 2nd, 2017]
[FIX] Error when sending/receiving a SFSObject containing a float value lower than or equal to 0.
[FIX] Internal logger error in older web browsers.

Version 1.7.0 [Apr 26th, 2017] (requires SFS2X v2.13 or later)
First release. Supports SmartFoxServer 2X default binary protocol over websocket transport.