SmartFoxServer Basic downloads

Evaluation version

The evaluation version of SmartFoxServer Basic delivers full access to the platform for free and without time limits. It allows 20 concurrent users and provides 100% of the features!

The package includes:

  • the multiplayer server
  • client API and examples for the Flash platform
  • the Administration Tool
  • the offline version of the documentation (outdated)
  • the SmartFoxBits Community Edition pack

When you have finished downloading please consult our installation guide. After completing the installation process, point your browser to http://localhost:8080 to get started and browse the live examples.
Please also read the highlighted notes below.

Windows (all) installer Download
Linux/Unix installer Download
Mac OS X (10.4+) installer Download
  Version: 1.5.5
Release date: May 2nd 2007
Read the release notes

In case of minor updates and additions to the server or its components after the main package release, separate download links are provided in the Updates section of this page.


Server updates

The patch below upgrades the server and client APIs to the latest version available. It is distributed as a compressed file (.zip): uncompress it and open the READ_ME.txt file for installation instructions. In case of minor updates and additions to the client APIs after the patch release, separate download links are provided below.

SmartFoxServer Basic 1.5.10 patch Download
Version: 1.5.10
Release date: April 16th 2014
Requires: SmartFoxServer Basic 1.5.5
Read the release notes

Client API updates

No API updates currently available.