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If you'd like to be featured in our showcase, social networks and next newsletter, please send us an email providing the following information:

  • project title
  • an image in two resolutions: 310x155 pixels and 930x465 pixels (can be a cropped screenshot, some artwork, etc)
  • link to the project's website or to the App Store / Play Store (for mobile games / apps)
  • link to the trailer / gameplay video on YouTube, Vimeo, etc (if available)
  • a brief description (50-70 words)
  • developer and publisher names
  • game / application genre
  • development platform (Unity, HTML5, native iOS / Android, Flash, Universal Windows Platform, other)
  • client (browser, iOS, Android, PC, macOS, etc)
  • server (SmartFoxServer 2X, Pro or Basic)

If you have a success case story you'd like to share, please contact us by email, so we can discuss the best way to make it public (an article, an interview, etc).