We collaborate with trusted companies specialized in multiplayer apps and games development with the SmartFoxServer platform.

Partners are listed in random order.

“ Pivec Labs is an Award Winning Developer for Digital Games and Game-Based Solutions. With over 40 years of experience in Development, Networking, Pedagogy, and Marketing, our team can provide a Digital Solution for any Environment. We create assets for Unity developers and the Game Developer community, and specialise in solutions for Mobile, Virtual Reality, Multiplayer Games. We host training courses for game development, targeting the Academic and Industry communities, and consult on Accessibility features within games and digital apps. Our current project is OpenWorlds, a single and multiplayer game creation tool for Unity, which includes Mobile and VR interaction, and uses SmartFoxServer exclusively. „
Pivec Labs developed the Shooter example for SmartFoxServer, available in the Unity examples package here. They also ported a number of Unity examples to Godot; you can find them on this page.
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“ A51 Integrated is an award winning design and development agency based in Toronto, Canada, focused on immersive social gaming and supporting products including web development and social media marketing. As a premium supplier of SmartFoxServer solutions since 2005, A51 offers end-to-end design, development, and consulting of SmartFoxServer multi-player games and virtual communities. Known for deploying one of the first fully clustered deployments of SmartFoxServer, A51 has delivered or consulted on solutions for clients as diverse as ABC's Falcon Beach, Tween Brand' s ScapeNation, Yahoo! Canada, Panini's NFL/NHL/NBA AdrenalynXL, National Geographic's Animal Jam, and Knowledge Adventure „
A51 Integrated and gotoAndPlay() have set a lasting and fruitful collaboration since 2005. People at A51 have developed the Space Race and Cannon Combat demo games, and the Android examples for SmartFoxServer 2X available as part of its online documentation.
They are also behind the SmartFoxServer-based RunSocial app, approved by NASA and ESA for use on the International Space Station.
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“ Novagecko is a company specialized in the development of mobile applications and web solutions. Our apps have achieved millions of downloads across the Android and iOS platforms and are daily used by thousands of people all around the World. Thanks to their excellent ratings, some of them have top-ranked in their categories and still do. Parallel to the development of our own projects, we offer all our experience and services as developers to companies and individuals that are in need of Android, iPhone or iPad applications „
NovaGecko helped our team in renewing the Android examples for SmartFoxServer 2X, available in the online documentation.
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“ Massimo Bagnati (MB) is a freelance consultant in the north-west of Italy, with 20+ years of experience in software development under Microsoft Windows and embedded systems. The deep knowledge of C#, C++ and related technologies like Metro, WPF, WCF, C++/CLI, STL, COM/DCOM is the added value offered to customers that need an expert developer to create their products.
The profile also include real-time applications development and data transmission protocols skills, together with permanent curiosity and active openness towards new technologies „
Massimo Bagnati is the developer responsible of the porting of our SmartFoxServer 2X API to C++ . Also, he has been in charge of adding the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 compatibility to our C# API.
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“ Dotland is a web agency focused in the design and development of complex interactive web solutions. A strong technological know how, the ability to mix own developments with the best from third party solutions give us the capability to offer to our clients the best support to reach their goals in the digital area „
DotLand is the company behind the Football Village virtual community, based on our OpenSpace engine. They also ported the BattleFarm demo game to SmartFoxServer 2X to showcase its capabilities in realtime games.
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