SmartFoxServer is the core product of the SmartFox platform. It is available in three different editions: Basic, Pro and 2X. Click on the version of your choice for detailed informations on its features and licensing system, and other resources.

  • SmartFoxServer Basic
  • SmartFoxServer Pro
  • SmartFoxServer 2X

Features comparison

The following table compares the major features of the SmartFoxServer editions.

x++= reengineered feature

x+= improved feature

Feature BASIC PRO 2X
Client API for Unity / Godot / Mono / .Net   x x++
Client API for HTML5      
Client API for iOS   x x++
Client API for tvOS     x
Client API for Mac OS X     x
Client API for Android and Java SE / EE   x x++
Client API for ActionScript 3 x x x++
Client API for ActionScript 2 x x  
Client API for Windows Universal     x
Client API for C++     x
Client API for Silverlight   x  
High performance network engine x x x++
Public and private chat messaging x x x+
Server-side variables (User Variables / Room Variables) x x x+
Auto kick idle users x x x
Dynamically create Rooms x x x
Support for foreign languages / charsets x x x
Logging capabilities x x x++
Configurable logger x x x+
Administrator messages x x x
Moderator support (kick / ban actions) x x x
Flooding filter with auto-kick / auto-ban functions x x x
IP filtering x x x
Customizable bad words filter with auto-kick / auto-ban functions x x x+
Automatic Flash cross-domain policy file creation x x x
Persistent banned users list x x x
Persistent Buddy Lists x x x
Game spectators x x x
Web-based administration tool x x x++
Add / modify / enable / disable Zones on the fly without restarting x x x
Runs as a system service under Windows / Linux / MacOSX x x x
SmartFoxBits Community Edition components x x x
OpenSpace engine for virtual worlds development   x x
BlueBox add-on for firewall and proxy traversal   x x+
RedBox add-on for audio/video streaming capabilities via RTMP protocol   x x
Advanced Buddy List system with black-list, permissions, offline buddy variables and more   x x+
Server-side E4X (Ecma for XML)   x  
Secure encrypted login system   x x+
Embedded web server supporting Java/Python servlets   x x
Embedded powerful JDBC compliant database engine   x  
Server-side Extensions (ActionScript 1)   x  
Server-side Extensions (Java / JavaScript / Python)   x x+
Integrated file upload facilities   x x+
Direct database connectivity, allows connections to all major RDBMS   x x
Mailer system to sends text or html emails directly from the server   x x
JSON based protocol   x x
Raw data protocol for improved data compression   x  
Binary protocol with dynamic compression     x
Send and receive complex data objects x x x++
Internal event dispatching system   x x+
Advanced security settings per application   x x+
Remote server-side Extensions debugging   x x
Analytics module for business statistics     x
HRC system for transparent reconnection of unstable clients     x
UDP support     x
User profiles and permissions system     x
Improved Rooms management     x
Room Groups for improved events broadcasting     x
Advanced Room features (renaming, locking, resizing, etc)     x
Game API for match-making     x
Invitations and challenges system     x
Advanced Room creation capabilities with user auto-match     x
Special MMO API for "Area of Interest"-based users proximity notification      
"Ghost users" hunting system