Platform overview

SmartFoxServer is a multi-platform client/server SDK designed to integrate with the major online web and mobile technologies (Unity, HTML5, iOS, Android, Adobe Flash, Windows Universal Platform) enabling developers to rapidly create multiuser experiences of all scales.

The server component was created with multiplayer games in mind, it is highly optimized for this task, and it provides powerful tools for the creation of real-time multiplayer games, MMOs, virtual communities and much more. There's really no limit to the number of applications that can be created with it.

gotoAndPlay() is the Italian company behind the SmartFoxServer platform. With 15+ years of experience in the field and thousands of customers all over the world we are able to provide one of the most rich, rock solid, and affordable platform for creating engaging multiplayer applications.

The product comes with exhaustive documentation, dozens of examples with source code, video tutorials and powerful remote administration tools.

Fast and reliable

SmartFoxServer is based on a custom high-performance and scalable architecture that can handle tens of thousands of clients even on commodity hardware. It is unlikely that you will find a similar performance in our competition which mostly base their server component on unoptimized, general-purpose socket engines (read this interview for an insight).

Scale in the Cloud

Gone are the days in which MMOs costed hundreds of thousands of dollars/euros in hardware and maintenance. We provide direct integration of SmartFoxServer in the cloud via our own Overcast service, offering a very economical way of scaling your application from a few hundreds clients to several millions. Check this page for more informations.

Everything and the kitchen sink

The SmartFoxServer platform provides all the necessary tools for getting started with your multiplayer ideas. The client/server API allow you to quickly setup the architecture of the virtual world with Zones, Rooms and Room Groups, create complex game challenges, send invitations, manage buddy lists, create custom permission profiles, oversee the security aspects and tons more.

In addition we provide integrated and optimized support for connecting your database, a fast and highly optimized network protocol with auto-compression, HTTP tunneling for clients behind proxies and firewalls, embedded HTTP server for your web content and tons more. Check the SmartFoxServer 2X features for more informations.

Free Community Edition

We really desire that anyone can enjoy the fun of learning and creating multiplayer games. For this purpose we offer a free, fully featured version of our product that you can download right now or even try directly in the cloud.

This is no trimmed-down version, you get the full product with all its features, documentation and examples plus a 100 CCUs (concurrent users) license that never expires. And it is 100% nag-free.

Whether you are a student, a small company or a big corporation you can immediately evaluate the product, study it and create your multiplayer applications.

Go to the SmartFoxServer 2X download page now!