The RedBox is a free add-on for SmartFoxServer Pro and 2X that adds audio and video streaming capabilities to the server, making it possible to integrate such features in any existing ActionScript 3 application.

The RedBox is made of three main components:

  • the open-source Red5 Media Server for the audio/video streaming and recording;
  • a dedicated set of client-side ActionScript 3 API offering high level functionalities to start one-to-one video chats, create live events (one broadcaster, many subscribers), retrieve media files, perform remote a/v recording and streaming, and more;
  • a server-side Extension which takes care of the requests and events generated during the interaction with the client API and which integrates the SmartFoxServer capabilities with Red5 server.

Additionally, four complete examples are provided for reference: they demonstrate all the features made available by the RedBox to create video chats, video conferences and more.

  • Video Chat
    This example shows how to build an online chat with room lists, user lists, password protected rooms and the ability for anyone to add new rooms. Chatters can send public and private messages and start a private audio/video conversation. The provided API greatly simplify the job of sending and handling a/v chat invitations and streams.
  • Video Messenger
    This example shows how to create an instant messenger-like application that includes a persistent buddy list with real-time "presence" capabilities, user states and more. It also further expands the invitation system allowing the users to only send their stream, only receive the buddy stream or both.
  • Video Clip Player
    This application demonstrates how to build a live shared library of videos, providing tools for easily retrieving the list of available clips and assigning extra custom properties to each video clip. Properties are persistent and can be used to store any additional data: author, date, description, etc. This example also allows to record a clip from the computer's webcam and save it on the server together with its custom properties.
  • Video Conference
    This demo shows how to create a video conference application, ideal for collaborative environments. It handles the live cast publishing/playing to/from the Red5 server. Unlike the other RedBox examples, this demo works on a Room basis to leverage the access control and moderation features provided by SmartFoxServer Rooms.

The RedBox is part of the SmartFoxServer Pro package, and it is available as a separate download for SmartFoxServer 2X. Check the download pages.



The RedBox is a free add-on, including its source code. No dedicated license is required!



Download (SmartFoxServer 2X) *Get the RedBox package for SmartFoxServer 2X, containing API, examples, source code and more
Documentation (SmartFoxServer 2X)Check the detailed RedBox documentation for SmartFoxServer 2X
Documentation (SmartFoxServer Pro)Check the detailed RedBox documentation for SmartFoxServer Pro
DemoThe demo applications linked here showcase the main features made available by the RedBox to create video chats, video conferences and more; the source code of these examples (and more) is available inside the RedBox package

(*) Please notice that the RedBox package for SmartFoxServer Pro is included in the server distribution available on this page.